Brompton US Championship Video

The Brompton community from across the country gathered in Washington D.C. to celebrate the beloved British folding bike. Riders competed for a chance to represent the US at the World Championship in London. BUSC host, BicycleSPACE, treated participants to a weekend full of events that proudly highlighted our hometown.


Faces at the Races...

A Compilation of Cyclists Who Fold Without Folding

The 2014 Brompton US Championship took place in Washington DC from July 11 to 13. Hosted by BicycleSPACE, the race day events included a community social ride to the race site, a Fastest Folder Challenge, a Best Dressed contest, and of course, the big Brompton U.S. Championship race. The 7 mile long competition began with a Le Mans-style start: Cyclists ran to their bicycles, unfolded them, and sprinted forward.  They then rode 3.5 times around the race course loop, which spanned the Anacostia River bike path, the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium parking lot, and the Congressional Cemetery. Racers and spectators alike regaled in their best fancy dress and in spite of the 95F heat and 55% humidity, the racers went à bloc — and carried it off splendidly in their suit jackets, neck ties, and bow ties. Winners of the event in the men’s and women’s categories won a trip to England to race in the Brompton World Championship.

Brompton folding bicycle owners are true enthusiasts who celebrate in style and the event is filled with uniqueness, Steam Punk and British cycling fashions, summer fun and whimsy. Who are these cyclists — a.k.a. Bromptoneers — and do they really ride their Brommies everywhere?  See some of the faces at the races by clicking through...

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Brompton US Championship 

Welcome to the fold! This weekend BicycleSPACE held the much anticipated Brompton US Championship and boy was it a blast. Racers came from around the country to participate, and what better way to start than a snazzy, dress-your-best party at the British Embassy.

At the Embassy, racers greeted one another, collected race packets, and participated in contests for a multitude of prizes from awesome sponsors: Nutcase, Pashley, and Brooks. Racers from Green Fleet Bikes made a splash in the best dressed contest with a very "Go, America!" vibe. The night got more interesting from there...

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Brompton Urban Challenge D.C.

The Brompton Urban Challenge offered participants a chance to explore DC on their Brompton bikes while seeking out answers to clues and taking on Brompton-specific challenges. Contestants were tasked to take photos of themselves to be shared on social media. The best and most creative photos earned points that would put them in the running for great prizes from Brooks, Nutcase, Ergon, and Ortlieb among others.

As it happened, a majority of the challengers were from out-of-town and they were teamed up with locals to give them some help getting their bearings. All in all, it was a great way to discover fun aspects of this great city and get to know fellow Bromptoneers.  

From the collection of fun photos everyone turned in, it was clear people had a great time! 

There were also a lot more incredible photos posted on social media from the whole weekend here


Unlocking Abus

Go behind the scenes with BicycleSPACE cofounder, Erik Kugler, as he tours Abus headquarters and production in Germany. See Abus locks put to the test in their world-renowned theft test lab.


Ortlieb Saddlebag

I love this little bag. It is compact, light, and easy to move from bike to bike by simply using an extra rail-attachment. And, don't let it's seemingly small size betray it's true carrying capacity. I can fit two tubes, with two CO2 cartridges wrapped inside them so they don't bounce around and make noise, a tire lever, and patch kit with minimal fussing. 

I have had the opportunity to put my saddlebag through its paces. A couple of us went out to race in the Hilly Billy Roubaix this year in Morgantown West Virginia. The Hilly Billy Roubaix is a 72 mile ultra-cross race which features 6,000 feet of climbing, hub-deep mud puddles, tons of gravel, and harrowing descents. It also rained throughout much of the race. But, did my Ortlieb bounce off from bucking over a bump like so many other saddlebags I saw?

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