The Invasion Is Upon Us!

Zombies are on the loose!  Does it ever feel like Washington DC is overrun by brainless mobs that are in control?  This campaign season, the true nature of these animated corpes will be revealed.  

On Tuesday, October 30th, the Outbreak is happening-- join hundreds of other riders dressed to be possessed.  Outfit yourself in ragged and torn threads and cover your face and skin in ghoulish makeup-- the infection is quickly taking over your body and rotting your flesh!  Prizes will be awarded to those whose appearances have been most transformed by the plague.  

We will ride through the city as two rival groups and converge at the end for a gritty showdown.  The night will be full of plenty of surprises as we terrify passers by and onlookers.  

The Apocalypse is upon you have what it takes to Survive the Night of the Bicycling DEAD?!!!

Please Register right away to take part.  Just prior to the event, we will send out final details.  As well, respond to our Facebook invite so that you can share this with friends!  

We are looking for volunteers to help us organize the event and serve as marshals to help keep the ride safe for all.  We will be offering a $25 gift certificate to anyone who can assist us.  If interested, please send a message to

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