Scavenging For Brains

The infection had set in.  Flesh was rotting off their faces and bodies and they were left in ragged, tattered, and torn clothing.   As they made their way to BicycleSPACE,  we couldn't know if we would have what it would take to survive the Night of the Bicycling DEAD!

But, as the Zombies arrived it was quickly clear that we were hopelessly outnumbered and we would have to succumb to the Outbreak.  And, with bloodthirsty zeal, we joined in the battlecry:  "BRAINS!!!"

As a roving pack of possessed riders, we made our way through the city looking for sinewy tissue and organs upon which to feast.  We passed by and through DC's most impressive sites and chased the natives.  By the time it was all over, we had left a trail of fear as well as driblets of body fluids, discarded stumps, and other minced body chunks.   

Thanks to everyone who participated on this fun Halloween group ride.  We had a great time!

Thanks as well to both those who volunteered and those who made generous donations to help us organize and put on this event.

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