The Assembly is Awakening!


Our new advocacy group, The Assembly, is kicking off a major effort to create Better Biking for a Better City!

Join us to:


on ways to make D.C. the BEST CITY FOR CYCLING!

We gather on Wednesday November, 14th 7 PM @ BicycleSPACE (in the Gear Box Theater upstairs- light refreshments will be served)

We will introduce our goals, have a guest speaker to motivate and inform us, and then identify and plan for actions we can take to crank up awareness about cycling issues.  

What frustrates you?  What inspires you?  This is about you and your priorities, so BE THERE to have a voice.

The Assembly needs YOU for TRANSFORMATION to occur- come be a part of the solution!

If you would like to attend, kindly consider responding to our facebook invite.

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Reader Comments (2)

"What frustrates me" is having to attend a meeting. "What frustrates me" is people who confuse holding or attending a meeting with actually achieving anything - or use meetings as an excuse for social lives. "What frustrates me" is meetings where the meeting leader delivers 5 min of content in 1 hour.

Most excellent that you are doing this work. I suspect and home that you will have lots of support. Please leverage social media to galvanize participation and contributions. While holding a meeting might be a good way to start, dont let it stop there.

November 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBob


That's exactly the point. We have planned something fun and entertaining to get people excited about taking direct action. We're not interested in sitting around and talking in circles. The Assembly will prove to be a very refreshing approach to getting people involved!

As it happens, we have gone out of our way to avoid calling this a meeting because we are aware that brings up connotations of boredom and inefficiency. But, meetings do have their place-- we want to build a team of committed people that can work together to bring about big change.

November 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterSuper Duper Admin

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