Bike of the Week: Surly Crosscheck


Nowadays it seems everyone is putting heavy emphasis on versatility. It is not enough for a product to do one thing well anymore.  You can purchase a car that doubles as a submarine, a Swiss-army knife with a USB drive, even a coffee machine that cleans your floors while you are at work (if this doesn’t exist, it should).  So if everything you own needs to be a multitasker, then why not have a bike that can do it all?

We get the request here at the shop often, a bike that can handle any type of riding situation, be it a long road ride, a gravel tow path, city commuting, or anything else you can imagine.  Although no bike can do every type of riding perfectly, there is a bike that can do almost everything nearly perfectly.  That bike is the Cross-Check from Minneapolis based manufacturer Surly.

Surly has developed a reputation for making simple yet superbly functional bikes for just about any type of riding.  Their offerings range from more traditional mountain and road bikes to heavy-duty cargo haulers and super fat-tired snow beasts.  The Cross-Check fits in as their cyclocross model, but it is so much more than just your Fall mud-racer.

Like all Surly models, the Cross-Check is built around a steel frame with plenty of braze-ons for accessories. Being a cyclocross bike, its geometry falls somewhere between a touring bike and a road bike – a stable and comfortable ride that springs to life when you want it to.  This “middle of the road” ride characteristic makes the Cross-Check ready for just about anything.  It is perfectly suited to everyday commuting on rough streets.  The steel frame will get you to and from work comfortably (steel absorbs bumps and vibrations) and will be smooth for long distance rides on paved or gravel trails (read: C&O Canal tow path).  Swap out the tires for some road slicks and the CC becomes a terrific road bike. Conversely, you can slip on some even fatter tires and take it out on some light duty mountain trails.

In all of my time working in the bike industry, I’ve run into people from all walks of life using the Cross-Check for all types of riding.  The CC owners I’ve known have been triathletes, casual road riders, long-distance bicycle tourists, cyclocross racers, and everyday commuters.  The truth is the CC is damn near the best Jack-Of-All-Trades bike available on the market.

So the bottom line is, if you need one bike to do it all, the Surly Cross-Check is it.  Expect to see a size-run of these here at the shop, and if you are interested, c’mon in and take one for a test ride.


By David Dorn, Sales Manager

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Reader Comments (1)

Many thanks for choosing the Surly Cross-Check as the bike of the week! I'm somewhere between a commuter and a long distance rider (when I have time - not as often as I'd like). It's great in all weather conditions - I've ridden it in plenty of rain and snow :) I rode it last year in a century ride & made friends with all of the other Surly riders - they are a friendly bunch! My Cross-Check is the robin egg blue color - I get compliments all the time from bike enthusiasts and everyday folks on the street who tell me how much they like the bike. I purchased it at Bicycle Space with the assistance of the extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. I couldn't be happier with the purchase! Thank you Bicycle Space!

May 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGinger

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