On Temporary Hiatus

Returning to Ivy City shop soon!

This two-hour ride up and down the Hills of Anacostia rewards you with some of the best views the city has to offer. It goes for about 25 miles at a pace of 10-15 mph. Along the way, excited locals wave and greet you with a friendly “good morning” to cheer you on. 

Hills of Anacostia rides are staffed at the back so no one is left behind. Cyclists wait at the top of hills for everyone to catch up.

The first Saturday of the month is the beginners ride. It travels at a slower pace and welcomes everyone who wants to try the ride.

The group rolls along virtually on the Mighty Hills of Anacostia Facebook page, where you can get reminders about the ride, ask questions and socialize with other cyclists. 

We're honored that members of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association voted Hills of Anacostia the Best Shop Ride in the 2015 Bicyclists Choice awards. We invite you to join us and see why8