Surly Bikes East Coast Tour!

Monday March 27th hang with Surly Bikes East Coast tour comes to BicycleSPACE!

"Come one-come all Urban Roll no drop ride. We will have a mix of Straggler/Straggler 650b, Troll, Flat Bar Cross Check, Krampus, Karate Monkey and even a Big Fat Dummy for you to try.

Got a Surly? Wicked, bring it with. Don't have a Surly? Ride one of ours. Don't want to ride one of ours? Ride one of yours. All are welcome. 

Don't want to be welcome? Well, we can't help you there." 





Karate Monkey

Karate Monkey

Flat bar Crosscheck 

Flat bar Crosscheck 

Green Machine

In our Friend of the SPACE series, we catch up with folks to see why they love riding and how they make their bikes their own. Here we talk to Hal about his Linus. 

How long have you been commuting? Ever since I moved to DC and discovered the bike lanes. By bike commuting I guarantee myself at least an hour of exercise every day. On rainy and snowy days I take the Metro. Metro's service is a constant reminder of why I prefer to bike.  

How does it feel to bike in the city? There's nothing better on a crisp morning to kick-start the day or a night ride when the streets are mostly free of cars.

Do you have a favorite road or trail? My favorite is the loop from Georgetown to Adams Morgan. You begin on the Capital Crescent Trail in Georgetown. Once you reach Bethesda the Georgetown Branch Trail takes you towards Silver Spring and the Rock Creek Trail. Rock Creek Trail loops you back to the Zoo and Adams Morgan. On the weekends, Beach Drive (part of the Rock Creek Trail) is closed to car traffic. 

Why green color scheme? Becky from BicycleSPACE sold me on the British racing green Linus. I accessorized with green transport bags and painted my helmet and lock to match.  

What are the benefits to a bike like Linus for city riding? I'd ridden dozens of bikes before the Linus and none of them felt right. They ranged from too heavy to unstable. The Linus was just right and BicycleSPACE gave me a great deal! 

Any advice for those curious about bike commuting? Find a shower at work and a dry-cleaner nearby for keeping your clean shirts and suits on demand. 

What's your favorite bike for getting around the city? How have you made it your own? Let us know in the comments. 


Put Your Road Rage to the Page


Elly Blue and Joe Biel returned to BicycleSPACE Downtown for another great event during the National Bike Summit. Elly and Joe, of Microcosm Publishing, have been active in creating books, zines, and films centered around the intersection of bikes, transportation, gender, sexuality, race and class. 

Biel started Microcosm Publishing from his closet in Ohio over 20 years ago, in part as an outlet for depression. Today, Elly and Joe led “Put Your Road Rage to the Page,” a writing workshop and discussion on how to channel your frustrations in something positive. Attendees included locals, experienced commuters, new cyclists, a Lyft driver who bikes, a bike advocacy organizer from Cleveland, and a self-described “California bike industry shill,” from the lovely Merry Sales Co.  

The group enjoyed a passionate discussion where they wrote and shared personal stories that made them upset and frustrated, but also ways they find joy and inspiration in the bike world. Some criticisms we’re of the usual suspects, poor infrastructure and rude behaviors from drivers. Critiques also fell on the cycling community as well. Folks felt frustrated when those on bikes treated each other in negative ways, “shoaling” at lights, talking down to other genders, elitism, and erratic behavior that hurts the public image. 

The consensus was that these issues aren’t specific to the bike community, but relate to society at large. They discussed ways we can shift our attitudes towards empathy and compassion. Such as not assuming you know what’s best for others, instead they emphasized the power of getting to know people first and learn who they are. There was lots of support for random acts of kindness and micro-affections. 

Elly and Joe had folks compile a list of problems and solutions. Together the group came up with ways to work toward positive, productive outcomes within “your agency and locus of control.” The group got to know each other and shared stories from their own facets of the bike community. It’s always a pleasure hosting Elly and Joe and we can’t wait to see them again. Check out their site to learn more about their great work. 


Touring Talk

7:30 pm Tuesday March 21st

BicycleSPACE Adams Morgan

Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride a bicycle across the country? Join us for an evening of stories from the DC3, a Guinness Book of World Records Record Holder, and other women who have ridden coast to coast. Hear stories of charity trips that combined bike riding with house building, of fully supported luxury trips, and of self-supported crossings. You may just end the evening inspired to start planning your own trip! 

Event is Free! Please RSVP with ticket link and consider donating to WABA Women and Bicycles

The Women & Bicycles program is centered on peer-to-peer encouragement, information, and experience to inspire more women* to bike, participate, teach, advocate, and lead in the bike movement.

Since the program launched in 2013, hundreds of supporters throughout the region and the program Roll Models have helped us host 150+ events, engage with 3,000+ participants, and inspire more than 400 women make biking a new and rewarding part of their lives.

What's an Alley Cat?

An Alley Cat is part bike race, part scavenger hunt, that rewards a mix of strategy and speed. Alley Cats grew hand-in-hand with bike courier culture. Couriers pride themselves on their navigational skills, and ability to find the fastest routes from A to B. 

As Alley Cats have grown they’ve attracted messengers and non-messengers alike. We’ve been proud to sponsor women’s Alley Cats every March, events like Sadie Hawkins Alley Cat  and 19th Amendment Alley Cat on International Women's Day. These events support local advocacy groups and non-profits. 

This year, Rolling Resistance Alley Cat will take place on March 18th at Malcom X Park, to benefit HIPS

Rolling Resistance is a Women/Trans/Femme event and encourages cis male allies to volunteer and host checkpoints. Events usually begin with a manifest, or a list of checkpoints, where you devise your own route to get the most checkpoints in the fastest time. 

The event is open to all experiences levels. At their heart, Alley Cats are all about fun and exploring the city. They can be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Thinking about your first Alley Cat? This a great way to meet new people and find new places to ride. 

Bring a map (like the free DC bike maps we have a the shop!), marker/pen, lock, bag, and sense of adventure. You could win prizes from our shop and other awesome bike groups and brands! Past events include checkpoints that celebrate significant locations and milestones that coincide with Women's History Month. 


Put Your Road Rage to the Page

Wednesday March 8th 7:30pm | BicycleSPACE Downtown 440 K St. NW 

Join Elly Blue and Joe Biel for part presentation, part advocacy and writing workshop! We'll provide pens and paper and you'll walk away with a clearly articulated (and calm, rational, compelling!) new way to act on or talk about whatever bike issue makes you so upset you can't even deal.

Elly Blue is the co-producer/director of Groundswell and the author of Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy and Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bicycle for Transportation (Whatever your Lifestyle). When she isn’t writing, she is the marketing director of Microcosm Publishing, producing books and zines about all aspects of feminism, self-empowerment, and bicycle transportation. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Joe Biel is the co-producer/director of Groundswell, the director of the feature documentary Aftermass: Bicycling in a Post-Critical Mass Portland as well as over 100 short films. He is also the author of half a dozen books, including Beyond the Music. He founded Microcosm Publishing in his bedroom closet in 1996 and has since published over 350 nonfiction books, zines, and movies. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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