Women's March

D.C. has a long history of demonstrations and bikes are often the best way to get around town during big events. 

Want to ride to the march? Check out this list of bike trains where you can join others or start your own ride from your neighborhood: Ride to Women's March.  

Do you or a friend need a place to crash for the Women's March? You can spend the night at the shop in Adams Morgan. Space is limited. First come, first serve. Get full details here. 


Family Gift Guide

Riding for two (or more?) We've got you covered. 1. Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 9e, with its powerful Bosch electronic motor assistance, makes mince pie out of any hill - yes, even that one, and with a trio riding on the back to boot (ENJOY $500 off in-stock Xtracycles, and $1000 off in-stock electric models). 5. Yepp's Easyfit seats give your passengers a place to sit, 2. Lazer's Multi-Impact Protection System (MIPS) helmets keep them safe, and a nice, 3. colorful bell on the bike keeps them entertained. Of course, sometimes it's not enough to sit back and enjoy the ride; a bright and shiny 4. Lil' Roadster, styled after Linus's full-sized bike, lets them have a pair of wheels all their own.

B is for Bicycle 

"Finally, a children’s book focused on the benefits of the cycling lifestyle: health, freedom, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and environmental stewardship. Fall in love with these two dogs, and their animal friends!"

Burley's top-of-the-line bike trailer for kids is loaded with premium features to maximize comfort, performance and safety. The D'Lite™ has seating for one or two children and features bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room, adjustable suspension, Spring Integrated Technology (S.I.T.

The Season’s Best to you & your bike!

As the chilly weather moves in and as the sunlight slowly returns, we wish all of our loyal customers and all of the #BikeDC Community a Very Happy Holiday Season!!  We’ll be here to take care of anything you need to keep rolling and will be riding as much as we can all winter long, so don’t give up on getting out on two wheels in the next couple of months.  We truly appreciate your support and trust you place in us and look forward to fulfilling your cycling wishes throughout the New Year!  Thank You! 

We have some HOT deals on some of our most popular brands like Brompton, Xtracycle, Linus, Nutcase, and Sugoi.

Bikes: All in-stock 2016 bikes are 16% off,  PLUS all in-stock bikes (even the newest  2017 models!) receive an instant rebate coupon to use for outfitting the new ride or getting a gift for that special cyclist in your life.  Together this can be a savings of 20% or more!!

Special Bike Offers (instant rebate still applies for extra savings!):

Kid’s Bikes: $25 OFF Check out the super solid and stylin’ options for your Junior pedalers from Cannondale, Linus, and Sun!

Xtracycle: Standard Models $500 OFF, Bosch powered Electrics $1000 OFF on all In-Stock Haulers! Get your move on in a BIG way!

Brompton: 20% OFF in-stock 2016 models (Ask about our Free 48hr Demo Program) BIG savings on Little Bikes- this is a great opportunity to latch onto the finest folders available!  Ask about our Free 48hr Demo Program & give one a try.

Linus: $50 OFF All in-stock adult models; Save in style, ride in style!

Crème: Closeout Pricing on what we still have- varies by model!

In-stock Accessories:

Mission Workshop: 25% OFF Rugged, hand-made-in-the-USA bags!

Nutcase Helmets: $25 OFF Have a little fun while protecting your noggin!

Sugoi RS Jackets: $40 OFF Half Price for a quality wind-proof shell!

BicycleSPACE Jerseys: $20 OFF  Can’t be looking any better on a bike!

Give the Gift of Anything!

Don’t know what your favorite cyclist is lusting for?  We always have Gift Cards available in any denomination that you desire!  Inquire at any of the shops or check out our new online Gift Card ordering option! 

Introducing Burley Trailers

We're are proud to bring Burley Trailers to BicycleSPACE. For over 20 years BicycleSPACE cofounder, Phil Koopman, has trusted his Burley trailer to tow kids, dogs, bike racks, filing cabinets, tents and more. 

Trailers are an all-in-one option. You can carry everything from kids to cargo. They convert from trailers, to joggers, and you can even swap wheels for skis in the winter. Trailers don't tip over, even when the bike lays flat on the ground. Your kids can sleep comfortably, hammock-style which offers a plush ride. The covers offers shelter from the elements. Trailers hold their value. 


Burley Bee

The Bee bike trailer for kids enables family adventures on a budget without sacrificing safety and durability. This lightweight, bike-only trailer features comfortable seating for one or two children, tinted windows and plenty of space for cargo. Share your love for the outdoors with your kids in the Burley Bee.

Burley D'Light

Burley’s top-of-the-line bike trailer for kids is loaded with premium features to maximize comfort, performance and safety. The D’Lite™ has seating for one or two children and features bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room, adjustable suspension, Spring Integrated Technology (S.I.T. ™) seating to prevent tangled and limp straps, and all-kit compatibility for optional conversions from a bike trailer to a strollerjogger or sled. Share your love for the outdoors with your kids in the Burley D’Lite.

Burley Travoy 

The Travoy is a premium bike cargo trailer from Burley Design.
The Travoy® trailer system makes carrying cargo by bike more convenient than ever before. From commuting essentials to groceries or camping gear, the Travoy hauls it all. An innovative hitch attaches to your seatpost and releases with the flip of a switch. Upon arrival, the Travoy easily detaches to wheel along with you and folds to briefcase size for storage. No more need to install a rack on your bike. Do more on your bike with the Burley Travoy.

RYB Denim

Chandel founded Ride Your Bike Denim to create the perfect pair of jeans for women who ride bikes. RYB Denim is designed in Canada, uses denim from Greensboro, NC and is fabricated in LA. We're excited to these jeans in our Adams Morgan shop. We think you'll appreciate these great cycling specific features: 


  • prevents wear through in saddle area
  • double reinforced for extra longevity
  • eliminates uncomfortable crotch seam
  • same colour, low profile, triple-locked stitching
  • comfortable, durable, profoundly essential 


  •  prevents saddle wear through
  • accommodates most accessories
  • securely tacked


  • left side placement
  •  belt loop attachment for easy access
  •  fits all standard u-locks
  • natural placement on your back 


  •  anchored on locking seams
  • secure key ring holder on right side 


  • 3M custom made highly reflective out-seam piping
  • 8" of reflective piping for rolling and hemming allowance
  • lasts ~200 washing cycles 


  • 8" deep to keep all you need
  • comfortable contoured pocket edge
  • commercial grade pocket finishing for strength
  • seam binding and cross-tacking 


  • low rise front for comfort
  • covers rear comfortably while riding
  • tailor finished

    Give your bike a gift

    Enjoy great deals from our award-winning service department (picked Best Place To Get Your Bike Fixed in the City Paper Reader’s Poll!). Come on in and find out what package is best to keep your bike humming along.  

    Performance Service Package- Reg. $125  - $40 off = Now $85 

    • Great for getting your ride rolling smoothly again after a year in the saddle!

    Premium Service Package- Reg. $200 - $75 off =  Now $125 

    • Extra cleaning and attention to detail for the well-loved machine with extra miles!

    Elite Rebuild Service- Reg. $300 -$100 off =  Now $200 

    • Take it apart & put it back together- the ultimate treat to get back to that new bike feel!

    Vintage Refurbish Service = Reg. $400 - $100 off = Now $300 

    • Loving treatment for that special set of wheels from years gone by!

    Gift Guide

    Mission Workshop Bags

    *NOW 25% OFF all in-stock Mission Workshop!*

    The brainchild of some of the finest bagmakers in the bike industry, Mission Workshop "builds gear as tough as it is beautiful." Their unique approach utilizes modular design that gives you options to always have the perfect bag for any adventure. 

    Brooks Cambium Levis Edition

    Hamzat's Pick:

     "You want your butt to love your saddle and your butt loves denim." It's that simple. Don't skimp on a saddle. 

    Arundel Looney Bin

    Our favorite bottle cage! The looney bin conforms to any size bottle. Perfect for Malbecs, Peanut Butter, 40s, San Pellegrino and oversized Nalgenes. 

    Nutcase Helmets

    "A helmet that fits your head and suits your soul." Have some fun with your helmet choice. Enjoy $20 Off all in-stock Nutcase Helmets. 

    Sugoi RS Jacket 

    Everyone needs a lightweight shell for when the weather quickly changes. Sugoi's RS Jacket packs down in pouch that can fit under your saddle. 

    On Sale $40 (was $80)

    Linus Bikes

    Looking for your first bike for the city? Or maybe just a cafe-cruiser to add to your stable? Linus Bikes are designed in Venice Beach and blend California style with European urban bike utility. Enjoy $50 OFF all in-stock Linus Bikes. 

    Bicycle Trash

    Topaz is the child of carpenter and she's worked on sets as a stage hand for theaters. However it wasn't until recently that she considered building things out of bike parts. Topaz was commuting from SW and came to talk to Neil about a tune-up. Neil fixed her up, offered her old parts and an idea was born. Topaz turned her old cassette into holiday ornaments, gear flakes. 

    Topaz has always been interested in saving resources and repurposing things. Her ornaments took off and she began collecting all the bicycle trash she could from our shops. We're couldn't be happier to see old cassettes, chains, and tubes live on. Today Topaz has a studio in Tacoma Park and is able to crank out all the Bicycle Trash she can dream up! Come by and check out these awesome one-of-kind Made-in-DC gifts.