Give your bike a gift

Enjoy great deals from our award-winning service department (picked Best Place To Get Your Bike Fixed in the City Paper Reader’s Poll!). Come on in and find out what package is best to keep your bike humming along.  

Performance Service Package- Reg. $125  - $40 off = Now $85 

  • Great for getting your ride rolling smoothly again after a year in the saddle!

Premium Service Package- Reg. $200 - $75 off =  Now $125 

  • Extra cleaning and attention to detail for the well-loved machine with extra miles!

Elite Rebuild Service- Reg. $300 -$100 off =  Now $200 

  • Take it apart & put it back together- the ultimate treat to get back to that new bike feel!

Vintage Refurbish Service = Reg. $400 - $100 off = Now $300 

  • Loving treatment for that special set of wheels from years gone by!

Gift Guide

Mission Workshop Bags

The brainchild of some of the finest bagmakers in the bike industry, Mission Workshop "builds gear as tough as it is beautiful." There unique approach utilizes modular design that gives you options to always have the perfect bag for any adventure. 

Brooks Cambium Levis Edition

Hamzat's Pick:

 "You want your butt to love your saddle and your butt loves denim." It's that simple. Don't skimp on a saddle. 

Arundel Looney Bin

Our favorite bottle cage! The looney bin conforms to any size bottle. Perfect for Malbecs, Peanut Butter, 40s, San Pellegrino and oversized Nalgenes. 

Nutcase Helmets

"A helmet that fits your head and suits your soul." Have some fun with your helmet choice. Enjoy $20 Off all in-stock Nutcase Helmets. 

Sugoi RS Jacket 

Everyone needs a lightweight shell for when the weather quickly changes. Sugoi's RS Jacket packs down in pouch that can fit under your saddle. 

On Sale $40 (was $80)

Linus Bikes

Looking for your first bike for the city? Or maybe just a cafe-cruiser to add to your stable? Linus Bikes are designed in Venice Beach and blend California style with European urban bike utility. Enjoy $50 OFF all in-stock Linus Bikes. 

Bicycle Trash

Topaz is the child of carpenter and she's worked on sets as a stage hand for theaters. However it wasn't until recently that she considered building things out of bike parts. Topaz was commuting from SW and came to talk to Neil about a tune-up. Neil fixed her up, offered her old parts and an idea was born. Topaz turned her old cassette into holiday ornaments, gear flakes. 

Topaz has always been interested in saving resources and repurposing things. Her ornaments took off and she began collecting all the bicycle trash she could from our shops. We're couldn't be happier to see old cassettes, chains, and tubes live on. Today Topaz has a studio in Tacoma Park and is able to crank out all the Bicycle Trash she can dream up! Come by and check out these awesome one-of-kind Made-in-DC gifts. 

Layer Up

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Becky's first bike shop job was at the Downtube in Albany, NY. Winter riding is somer of her favorite. You get the trails to yourself, it's quiet and serene. And you can do so while being quite comfortable. It's all about managing your own heat and the wind, while staying dry. Unlike hiking or running, you're generating a lot of wind resistance on a bike and it's easy for your heat to blow away. A wind resistant outer shell is the ideal outer layer. However you also want breathable materials that dry easily. Becky loves using merino layers because they are warm, don't hold moisture and stay clean longer. Gloves that allow full movement and relieve pressure points make sure the blood keeps flowing and you stay warm. 

Endura Luminite Jacket and Tights

endura Baabaa Multitube, Baselayer, and Strike Glove 


Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks #bikedc family for being awesome. Thanks to the noble bicycle for always being faithful. Our friends and our wheels inspire us to explore and connect with world around us. 

Shop is open 10 AM - 5 PM Nov. 23 and closed for Thanksgiving.

Normal hours resume Friday. Join us for group rides all weekend and some toasty treats on Small Business Saturday.

Saturday  Nov. 26 10 AM - 7 PM

9 AM Hills of Anacostia Ride Downtown

10 AM Nice-n-Easy Ride Downtown

11:30 AM Cupcake Ramble Downtown

Sunday Nov. 27 11 AM - 6 PM

9 AM Hills of Rock Creek Ride Adams Morgan

10 AM Nice-n-easy Ride Adams Morgan

11:30 AM City Explorers Ride Downtown 

Monday Nov 28 8 AM - 7 PM

7:30 PM Yoga Class Adams Morgan and Downtown

Give-what-you-can donations support DC Central Kitchen 


Pro Builds

Some of Scott's favorite days in the shop are pro builds. This is when we work with you to spec a bike from the frame up. Sometimes a customer has their dream build in mind, and comes ready with every single component meticulously researched. Other times they want to pick our brains to see what makes the most sense for their style of riding. The result is a bike that is just for you! 

Anacostia Trail Opening: Kenilworth Gardens Segment

Trick or Trail. Halloween was a celebration of the great work from partners across the region to open Kenilworth Garden Section of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. This final section means there's now 70 miles of connected trails in the region. You can take the trail into Maryland along the Anacostia Tributary Trail and Northwest Branch Trail, as far north as Brookside Gardens in Wheaton MD, or east to Greenbelt Park. The trail connects to the south on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail to Nationals Ballpark. 

Brompton Sale

Your chance to save on the world's finest folder! All in-stock 2016 Bromptons are on sale now.

*Update* See how a folder fits into your commute. Demo a Brompton for 48 hours at any shop now through November. Please bring an ID and CC and enjoy the freedom of folding life for a few nights.  

M6L-12% Columbia Heights Climber Green  $1,700.00 now $1,428.00

M6R Black $1,800.00 now $1,512.00

M3L Racing Green $1,600.00 now $1,344.00

M3RA Brookland Bomber Black  $1,575.00 now $1,323.00

M6R Tempest Blue2$1,775.00 now $1,491.00

S6L Reflecting Pool Blue2 $1,700.00 now $1,428.00

M6R Pleasant Hillrider Berry $1,935.00 now $1,625.00

M6L-12 Kalorama Kommuter Orange $1,700.00 now $1,428.00

H6R Oval Office White $1,700.00 now $1,428.00

M6LA Tenleytown Transporter Stardust $1,840.00 now $1,546.00

M6LA Black $1,620.00 now $1,361.00

S6R George Townie Raw Lacquer $2,055.00 now $1,726.00

H6R $1,956.00 now $1,643.00

H3RA Glover Park Roller Black $1,575.00 now $1,323.00

S3L Black $1,480.00 now $1,243.00

P6RA Penn Quarter Racing Green $1,795.00 now $1,508.00

S1EA Black $1,255.00 now $1,054.00

S2EA Orange $1,480.00 now $1,243.00

H6EA -12% Raw Lacquer SON Dynamo $2,340.00 now $1,966.00

S2L Black $1,480.00 now $1,243.00

H6LA Raw Lacquer $1,900.00 now $1,596.00

H6LX Superlight Lagoon Blue $2,550.00 now $2,142.00

H6L Stardust $1,840.00 now $1,546.00

M3LA Orange/Black $1,590.00 now $1,336.00

H3L Trinidad Trekker White $1,520.00 now $1,277.00

H6L Lagoon Blue BLack Edition $1,620.00 now $1,361.00