Next alleycat: 3/8/15

Alleycats are informal races that arose out of bike messenger culture. Riders decipher clues to speed to checkpoints and earn points, requiring an invigorating combination of mental and physical skills.

Until recently, alleycats were a male-dominated activity, like the messenger job itself. In 2013, the first women's alleycat was held in D.C., drawing an impressive 125+ participants. According to the organizers, this was the largest alleycat in D.C. since the peak in the late '90s.

This first women's alleycat, pictured above, was based on a women's suffrage theme and called the 19th Amendment Alleycat. In early 2014, a Sadie Hawkins-themed alleycat was held. 

We're proud to sponsor the upcoming International Women's Day Alleycat on March 8, 2015.