Introducing Chocotenango



Have you ever thought about what it takes to be recognized as one of the best in the world in your particular specialty?  It’s not just talent and hard work - plenty of people have talent, and plenty work long hours.  It’s more than having access to vast financial resources as money alone does not ensure excellence either.  And it’s not just being well-studied and mastering the fundamentals – that may get you to an average level or above, but it will not put you on the world stage, recognized by your peers as one of the best at what you do.

What separates the best from the rest of the field is the ability to tap into extraordinary imaginative powers, and the dogged pursuit to bring the ideas to a reality worthy of the richness of the dream.  This means having a breadth of perspectives from life experience to tap, and an abundance of personal sacrifice to bring it to fruition.

It’s no secret that cyclists have an enhanced mental agility.  Master Chocolatier Ismael Neggaz is no exception.  He has been developing his recipes and techniques for over a decade, and his company Chocotenango has won multiple international and national awards.  He makes his chocolate right here in Washington DC by hand, which makes it even more incredible that he has achieved his level of excellence because hand tools do not afford the same level of precision as industrial machinery.  Look closely while you’re out and you may catch a glimpse of Ismael darting about town on his bicycle as he goes about putting Washington DC on the world chocolate map.

Break off a bit of a Chocotenango bar, put it on your tongue, and find something to hold on to.  Your mind will race off to the exotic places from which the exquisite combinations of tastes are derived, and after the silky flavors slowly dissipate you will be left wondering how it is possible that someone is able pack so much taste and texture into a small brown square.

BicycleSPACE is proud to announce that we have Chocotenango bars in stock at all three shops, just in time for the holidays and the winter season, available by the bar or by the case.  Stop by to try it out and tell us your story, and stay tuned to our media for Chocotenango tasting events at the shops.