Gift Guide

Introducing Chocotenango



Have you ever thought about what it takes to be recognized as one of the best in the world in your particular specialty?  It’s not just talent and hard work - plenty of people have talent, and plenty work long hours.  It’s more than having access to vast financial resources as money alone does not ensure excellence either.  And it’s not just being well-studied and mastering the fundamentals – that may get you to an average level or above, but it will not put you on the world stage, recognized by your peers as one of the best at what you do.

What separates the best from the rest of the field is the ability to tap into extraordinary imaginative powers, and the dogged pursuit to bring the ideas to a reality worthy of the richness of the dream.  This means having a breadth of perspectives from life experience to tap, and an abundance of personal sacrifice to bring it to fruition.

It’s no secret that cyclists have an enhanced mental agility.  Master Chocolatier Ismael Neggaz is no exception.  He has been developing his recipes and techniques for over a decade, and his company Chocotenango has won multiple international and national awards.  He makes his chocolate right here in Washington DC by hand, which makes it even more incredible that he has achieved his level of excellence because hand tools do not afford the same level of precision as industrial machinery.  Look closely while you’re out and you may catch a glimpse of Ismael darting about town on his bicycle as he goes about putting Washington DC on the world chocolate map.

Break off a bit of a Chocotenango bar, put it on your tongue, and find something to hold on to.  Your mind will race off to the exotic places from which the exquisite combinations of tastes are derived, and after the silky flavors slowly dissipate you will be left wondering how it is possible that someone is able pack so much taste and texture into a small brown square.

BicycleSPACE is proud to announce that we have Chocotenango bars in stock at all three shops, just in time for the holidays and the winter season, available by the bar or by the case.  Stop by to try it out and tell us your story, and stay tuned to our media for Chocotenango tasting events at the shops.


Gift Guide 2015: Home Mechanic

We understand. We're sometimes closed, it's a little far to travel, and, much as you like the wisdom, humor, and advice from your favorite mechanic, it can be fun working on your own bike. From avoiding flats - 8. pumping to proper pressure prevents pinchflats - to 2. fixing them without destroying your rim with a screwdriver, we've got you covered. You'll find these 1,3 tools and supplies on our workstands when we're 4. changing out pedals, on our workbenches when 5. adjusting headsets and saddle heights, and 6. in the pits after muddy 'cross races (hey, a 7. cleaned bike is a happy bike). There's a reason we swear by these. We use them ourselves.

Gift Guide 2015: Hills Rider

Mighty. Majestic. Magnificent. The Hills of Anacostia, Rock Creek, and Bladensburg don't take the winter off; they're still waiting for you to come and ride them every weekend at 9 AM. Be Prepared for the challenge - the right gear can make all the difference. 5. Mavic's stiff, strong, and light Ksyrium Elite wheelset will help you fly up Tilden NW, bomb Mass Ave SE, survive the potholes of Bladensburg NE...and that red-on-black color scheme looks durn stylish parked in front of Zeke's afterwards. 1. Lazer's Z1 helmet, used by pro road and cyclocross racers the world over, comes with options like rear lights, helmet mounted heart rate sensors, and a snap-on aeroshell that keeps out the cold wind and rain. 3,4 Shave precious grams (and look Totally Pro) with fizik's saddles and bar tape. Speaking of which, being able to feel your face as the wind whips past you on fast descents is also Pro...which is what the 6. balaclava's for. Of course, you can always chase hills on Zwift Island or Richmond from your basement on weekdays; a 2. Kinetic smart trainer will get you ready for the weekends.

Gift Guide 2015: The Bromptoneer

It's clever, it's elegant, it's surprisingly capable, you can take it anywhere, and it folds into a handy and compact package. Yes, it's the 3. Brompton tool kit! Fold it up, tuck it in your bike's frame, and keep your bike going while on the go. 1. Color matching (or contrasting!) hinge clamp knobs and 2. bar grips make your made-for-you Brompton even more unique, and the stylish 5. game bag (available in yellow, navy, and natural canvas) compliments the useful elegance of your bike. Protect your investment when traveling with a 4. hard-sided case, and while away the flight with 6. The History of Brompton.

Gift Guide 2015: The Commuter

Day in, day out, through snow, through rain, through gloom of night, it's time to ride. Let's face it, nobody likes being stuck in traffic; your bike's a tool in the War on Gridlock, a way to slice through the city any day, any hour. 6. Lights on fenders and 2. lights on your bike keep you from earning a story about "that time I hit a deer on the trails" that you really don't want. Carry all your important (and fragile, and can't get wet) gear in 1. German Ortlieb bags on a 3. German Tubus rack, while 7. Portland's Finest breathable jacket, 5. shoe covers, and helmet cover from Shower's Pass keeps you cozy, even in the midst of the storm.

Gift Guide 2015: The Family

Riding for two (or more?) We've got you covered. 1. Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 9e, with its powerful Bosch electronic motor assistance, makes mince pie out of any hill - yes, even that one, and with a trio riding on the back to boot. 5. Yepp's Easyfit seats give your passengers a place to sit, 2. Lazer's Multi-Impact Protection System (MIPS) helmets keep them safe, and a nice, 3. colorful bell on the bike keeps them entertained. Of course, sometimes it's not enough to sit back and enjoy the ride; a bright and shiny 4. Lil' Roadster, styled after Linus's full-sized bike, lets them have a pair of wheels all their own.

Gift Guide 2015: Cupcake Rambler

Like Baked Joint's blueberry pie or Parkway Deli's radial bars, you can't have style without substance. Try the Full English treatment for your bike with 2,3,4 genuine leather bags, grips, and saddles from Brooks and a properly professorial houndstooth 1. Shower's Pass jacket to keep the wind at bay when Sticky Fingers calls. 5. Hand-painted (and seasonally appropriate) Crane bells mix bling with ding. Keep an eye on your boxes and bags as you bring them home with a 7. harvest basket and 6. VeloOrange Porteur front rack.

Gift Guide 2015: Fatbike

It's the best thing to come out of Minnesota since Bob Dylan and Malt-O-Meal - for when the roads disappear, winter's weather takes a turn for the Memorable, or you just want to be the first passenger on the H Street NE streetcar tracks. Grab the 1. Ice Cream Truck Ops - tuned for gettin' rad during the summer off-season - and get to shreddin'. 3. Wool scarves and 4. socks from Surly to match your Surly along with 2. Giro 100 Proff lobster mitts keep you nice and toasty when the wild wind blows, while 5. Anything Cages and 6. frame bags schlep your tent and fluffy down sleeping bag through the Seneca Greenway.