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The weather has been a bit of a roller coaster, but the temps will be lovely this weekend and the days are definitely lengthening.  We’ll be running a full weekend of riding opportunities- from a short jaunt about town, to our casual social cruises, to our vertical workouts- come on out & meet some great folks and explore the city by bike!  It’ll also be a great weekend for testing out that new set of wheels you’ve been dreaming of- so come on out to one of the shops to take a spin & ride one home.

We beg your forbearance- but we do need your support in both the WABA Bicyclists’ Choice Awards and City Paper’s Best of DC Readers Poll.  Thank you for both the forbearance & the support!

We’ve been busy in the service department getting everyone else’s bike ready for spring- now’s your last chance to get in on the savings as our Winter Service Special ends on Valentine’s Day.  It’s the perfect for either the bike you love or the cyclist you love- gift certificates are available!

Spring also means we are stocking up with products and need great folks to help our customers select just the right gear to realize their cycling nirvana.  We’re looking for team members for the upcoming season, whether that’s you or someone you know who’s passionate about bikes!

Finally- there are a plethora of advocacy issues that need your input & support.  From public meetings to comments on proposed projects, make your voice heard!

We hope everyone’s been enjoying some time in the saddle- and may you enjoy even more as the season turns.  Can’t wait to see you out there!


Becky Puritz, Adams Morgan Shop Manager

Becky Puritz, Adams Morgan Shop Manager

When the Women's March on Washington was announced, I knew I needed to be part of it- and that I also wanted to host as many friends from out of town as I possibly could at my home so that they could be there, too. Quickly the available space in my house filled up, like all the hotels and AirBnBs in the city. And yet even more people would come, if there was somewhere they could sleep for a night. Some roller derby friends were trying to find a skating rink that would rent out to them for a night so they could sleep on the floor, but struck out- and that's when I thought about the floor space at the shop in Adams Morgan, We already clear out most of the floor once a week for yoga- what would be so different about clearing the floor to let some folks sleep there? 

We worked out a plan and got approval from our owner and all-around awesome person, Phil, and then it was time for signups. Overall, around 45 people signed up for space on Friday night, Saturday night, or both. I finally had an excuse to buy that camping air pad that I've been wanting, since I'd be there supervising the event both nights. When the day finally came, we were ready for the best Slumber Party ever. 

While not all 45 people showed- ultimately we had 18 people on Friday night and 13 on Saturday- I was so happy with how it turned out. Here are some highlights:

We had protestors hailing from: Alaska, Boston, Baltimore, NYC, New Orleans, Kentucky, Tennesse, North Carolina, California and more!

As protestors arrived and met each other, groups formed- people met others and started talking about why they were there, what the election had meant to them, who they were marching for. We shared our experiences and welcomed newcomers to the space. We offered everyone tea and hot chocolate and granola bars, which were quickly scarfed down. This community continued the next night as we fought our tiredness to tell our stories of the March. 

I was given a homemade screenprinted t-shirt with a feminist message on it for facilitating the event by the Alaska contingent. It's awesome and I will wear it at the shop a lot! 

A woman named Haley from Ohio heard about our space and sent us a box of 25 pink fleece 'pussyhats' she had made. Some of our protestors already had made their own (there was even some last minute knitting going on Saturday morning!) but many accepted and wore her gifts, and I distributed the others at Columbia Heights metro on our way in. We sent her the pictures you see here of protestors wearing her hats, which she said 'made her day'. 

Packing up Saturday morning to head to the Ward 1 Ride to the March, meeting in Mt. Pleasant.

Packing up Saturday morning to head to the Ward 1 Ride to the March, meeting in Mt. Pleasant.

Ward 1 Ride breakfast

Ward 1 Ride breakfast

Purple Patch in Mt. Pleasant gave out free breakfast to marchers

Purple Patch in Mt. Pleasant gave out free breakfast to marchers

Ward 1 Ride 

Ward 1 Ride 

Riders happily navigate crowds at Union Station on the way to bike valet at L'Enfant Plaza. Saturday was filled with great energy. Riders we're greeted with cheers around every corner on their way to the march. Bikes reciprocated with bell ringing and chants of their own. No matter how crowded or congested it got no one seemed to be bothered. The outpour of support and positivity was palpable. Everyone seemed to leave the march uplifted and energized. 

Monica, of Sister Black Press, traveled from Minneapolis with her cargo bike letterpress. She dropped off the bike to get put back together on Friday night, and picked it up Saturday to ride to the March and around town. She made these wonderful spoke cards with poetry on them for all who wanted one- some are still available at the shops and she can send us more if you want one for yourself! When she dropped off the bike our mechanics had already gone home, and I couldn't get her disc brakes to stop rubbing when I put it together. Luckily, one of the folks who was staying at the shop that night was a bike mechanic from NYC's Recycle a Bicycle program, who taught me a bit about adjusting mechanical disc brakes and made sure it was working perfectly for Monica on Saturday. Monica's twin sister borrowed one of our demo Bromptons to ride with her and loved it, of course! 

Another bike-related contingent were two pedicab drivers.  Apparently all the pedicab drivers in their whole city took the day off to March on Saturday, either at their local march or in DC.

On Sunday morning, one of the protestors brought in bagels for all, exemplifying the spirit of generosity that characterized the weekend. 

I wasn't sure how it would work out but ultimately the event was a great success. We are thankful for the support of our customers and community, without whom we wouldn't be able to do things like this. Together, we made this space possible, and proved again that community is really what BicycleSPACE is all about. 

Becky Puritz | Store Manager + Bicycle Fitter

New Mr. Pink!


All-City Cycles loves the classics. The new Mr. Pink colorway is an homage to the legendary Eddy Mercx frames. Like all All-City's the Mr. Pink is inspired by hand built steel frames of the 20th century, but is filled with modern features, like 32c tire clearance! New for this model is a custom designed Whisky Carbon fork which shaves 2lbs off the bike, giving a stiff and responsive front end. It also includes new All-City hubs and a zipp cockpit.


Check out what makes All-City special with our interview with founder Jeff Frane. 

Women's March

D.C. has a long history of demonstrations and bikes are often the best way to get around town during big events. 

Want to ride to the march? Check out this list of bike trains where you can join others or start your own ride from your neighborhood: Ride to Women's March.  

Do you or a friend need a place to crash for the Women's March? You can spend the night at the shop in Adams Morgan. Space is limited. First come, first serve. Get full details here. 


Family Gift Guide

Riding for two (or more?) We've got you covered. 1. Xtracycle's EdgeRunner 9e, with its powerful Bosch electronic motor assistance, makes mince pie out of any hill - yes, even that one, and with a trio riding on the back to boot (ENJOY $500 off in-stock Xtracycles, and $1000 off in-stock electric models). 5. Yepp's Easyfit seats give your passengers a place to sit, 2. Lazer's Multi-Impact Protection System (MIPS) helmets keep them safe, and a nice, 3. colorful bell on the bike keeps them entertained. Of course, sometimes it's not enough to sit back and enjoy the ride; a bright and shiny 4. Lil' Roadster, styled after Linus's full-sized bike, lets them have a pair of wheels all their own.

B is for Bicycle 

"Finally, a children’s book focused on the benefits of the cycling lifestyle: health, freedom, independence, self-reliance, self-confidence, and environmental stewardship. Fall in love with these two dogs, and their animal friends!"

Burley's top-of-the-line bike trailer for kids is loaded with premium features to maximize comfort, performance and safety. The D'Lite™ has seating for one or two children and features bowed-out sides for extra shoulder room, adjustable suspension, Spring Integrated Technology (S.I.T.

The Season’s Best to you & your bike!

As the chilly weather moves in and as the sunlight slowly returns, we wish all of our loyal customers and all of the #BikeDC Community a Very Happy Holiday Season!!  We’ll be here to take care of anything you need to keep rolling and will be riding as much as we can all winter long, so don’t give up on getting out on two wheels in the next couple of months.  We truly appreciate your support and trust you place in us and look forward to fulfilling your cycling wishes throughout the New Year!  Thank You! 

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