Ladies Lead the Way

Pick one category for your team: Hardcore (messengers only), Softcore (experienced urban rider), or Applecore (first time at an alleycat).

Race organizer, Stef, takes a quick straw poll to gauge the experience of the hundreds of riders that filled into the bike polo courts of Brentwood Park NE for the first annual Sadie Hawkins Alleycat. For the vast majority of riders this was their first alleycat. And, unlike most alleycats, every team competing had women members or was an all-female team, which was precisely the goal.

Dance through for some more glimpses from this bike soiree...

The Sadie Hawkins AlleyCat was created to bring women together in what has often been a male-dominated world of alleycat racing. The race had varying levels of competitiveness and encouraged you to be as serious or as silly as you wished. All proceeds went to benefit WABA's Women & Bicycle Program. A few mini-messengers in training were onhand to witness their first alleycats from the view of their childseats.

The Virginia Ave Park checkpoint in SE tested your balance and teamwork in a "double time" challenge. You and your teammate had to navigate the windy paths on one bike.

The race required you to make stops at various local bike shops to pick up items and then deliver them to the next check point.  We put out some balloons outside the shop,snapped some fun photos, and handed out coupons that asked participants to check off their answer to our plea: "Would you go to the races with us?"

Checkpoint "Change Up" at the Duck Pond in SW. You and your partner did some wardrobe swaps and a few laps around the park.

The race took riders through every quadrant of the city.

Sunny Meridian Hill Park provided the perfect dancefloor for the "Cut a Rug" challenge.

Finish Line at Red Rocks on H Street NE. The beautiful sight of overflowing bike racks.

Stef welcomes teams to the finish line. Our own Kate Schrock and her teammate Bruce took first place! This lively event was the perfect way to introduce newcomers to the exciting world of alleycat racing. It's always a party when the DC bike community comes together, thanks to everyone for participating and to Stef for putting together an awesome event!

Story and Photos by Francis Tatem, Marketing Manager