Grace's Trusty Torch

Riding back and forth between Hyattsville, Maryland and BicycleSPACE has forced me to invest in a good lighting system. Day or night, I use my Light & Motion Urban 400 to light my way home, to school, or to work. Because of my varying destinations and schedule, my commute takes me across the Anacostia Tributary Trails in MD into the streets of DC, and on to the Metropolitan Branch Trail, during all hours of the day...

Having a round-trip 15 mile commute means that I need to have a light that can last and still be easy to charge up on the fly, if needed. All Light & Motion's lights are USB-rechargeable which makes my life super easy-- I can charge my light as I'm researching or studying and have a full battery when it's time to roll home.

Light & Motion manufactures all their lights in the United States and provides an awesome 2 year warranty so you can trust the quality. 

The Urban 400 has four different modes ranging from the super bright 400 lumens (as the name suggests) to a medium, low, and then flashing. Those different modes allow me to adjust the lighting as needed.

I definitely use the super bright mode to avoid roots on trails and potholes on Route 1! And it has held up quite well, proving the Urban 400 is a game-changer for any commute.

By Grace Pooley, Sale Associate