Artcrank Artist Profile: JD Deardourff

Artcrank artist JD Deardourff works out of Open Studio off Okie St. in the Trinidad neighborhood. JD says he enjoys riding because it's often the most practical way to get around the city. "[I use my bike for]  errands, getting from point a to point b, going to work, going to Nats games."

Screenprinting is a passion of JD, he's currently exhibiting a solo show at the McLean Project for the Arts, featuring some of his recent screenprinted work. 

"I first became interested in screen printing because it allowed me to imitate the way comic books used to be printed, and then I just sort of became addicted to it. It's a good way to explore color relationships, opacity and transparency, and I like having a matrix that you can either make multiples or variables from. I like it because it's a technical and visceral process. "

Inspired by the classic BMX film, Rad, JD chose to embrace bright 80's style colors for his prints. 

When asked how this city influences his work, JD answered: "I don't know if there's a direct influence on my work, maybe something subconscious, but I do take pride in being a DC artist and growing up here, and I think there's a rich tradition and a good, underrated, growing local scene."

The BMX racer was inspired by an old cartoon-style Mongoose ad. Throw in some intergalactic mountain ranges and you get one very rad print. 

Join us at Artcrank from 4-10pm on Saturday November 8th, to see work from JD and many other talented local artists. 

Connect with JD: @jddeardourff 

Screenprinting classes via: 

See JD's solo show at the McLean Project for the Arts now through December 20th 

And join him for his opening on December 11th from 6-8 NoMa lobby project, at 1200 First Street NE