Bike to Work Day 2014: Freedom Plaza

Rain or shine, D.C. commuters make a splash at the annual National Bike to Work Day celebration, on Friday May 16th. 

BicycleSPACE cofounder, Phil Koopman welcomes the flock of faithful riders. Phil has been a part of organizing local Bike to Work Day events for over 20 years. Phil recalls, "all nighters fueled by stale bagels, putting packets together for the snail mail, to ensure organizers got all their necessary materials ready for the events." It's inspiring to see how far D.C. has come, now nationally recognized as a cycling city. 

Acting United States Surgeon General, Rear Admiral (RADM) Boris D. Lushniak, was just one of the many dedicated commuters on hand this morning at our Bike To Work Day station at Freedom Plaza. Dr. Lushniak emphasized the importance of not only physical health, but equally the importance of social and mental health that events like Bike to Work Day inspire.

 U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx greets crowds of commuters. 


From bikeshare users to bike families, we're proud to see the the many sides of bikedc that came out to support Bike to Work Day. 

by Francis Tatem, Media Specialist