Ride on Washington


Photos from the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington in the summer of 2013. Visit these historic sites and more on our Ride on Washington at 11:30 am this Saturday, January 17. 

Join BicycleSPACE and friends for a bicycle ride through history commemorating and celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy and the footprints the great civil rights movement left on our nation's capital. 

The ride departs from our pop-up shop at 700 5th St NW.

What to expect: This ride will explore the paths the civil rights movement traveled. We will start with a slow roll along the March on Washington route, followed by a quick stop at the new MLK Memorial. The ride will continue through DC, passing through historically and culturally significant spots that contributed to the civil rights movement. (More details to come). Three-fourths of the way through the ride, we will stop for lunch and a discussion on how current-day activists are writing the next chapters in this pan-generational movement. We'll conclude the ride along some of the streets that bore witness to the 1968 riots that followed MLK's assassination.

Disclaimer: We value diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints and look forward to an authentic, respectful discussion over good food and drink. All bikes welcome; ride will be a no-drop, "social pace" approximately 12 mph.

How do bikes fit in with this picture? Bikes are an ultimate social equalizer and community builder. They break down the barriers (both physical and socially constructed) that people tend to build up and inspire interaction and human connections. Join us for a ride and find out!

Cost: Free. Lunch cost not included (but we'll pick somewhere reasonably priced)

Bring: Your bike, a helmet (recommended), comfortable/athletic clothing in layers for easy temperature regulation (recommended), a friend(!) and your perspective.