Ride in circles, raise thousands for Women & Bicycles

Hains Point 100 in 60 Seconds by Robert Cannon. 

BicycleSPACE is a proud sponsor of the annual Hains Point 100, a chilly December community ride to raise funds for the Women & Bicycles program of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

The ride is open to women, men and children of all ages. Some 300 cyclists of all experience levels gathered for warm beverages and breakfast, followed by circular laps around the Hains Point loop. It's not a race but a ride at your own speed. Participants can ride as many or as few laps as they wish. Ride leader Megan Jones and many, many friends complete 100 miles, or at least 33 times around the three-mile loop. Is it crazy? As Megan said, "maaaaaaybe." Is it successful? Unquestionably.

Perks along the way include swag and tasty treats handed to cyclists in motion. If you can grasp it, rewards such as Acme Pies are within reach.

We donated a Kugler Cycles pint glass and a variety of Green Guru and Ortlieb bags to the raffle. This week, Hains Point 100 announced that the event raised $8190, all of which is donated to Women & Bicycles.

This is a shining -- shivering -- example of the strength and diversity of DC bicyclists. Some people rode fast, sporty bikes wearing high-performance cycling gear. Other people wore street clothes and rode the bike they take to work. Yet others rode Capital Bikeshare, another great event sponsor. All these people came out on a wickedly cold day to take part in a joyful, spirited celebration of Washingtonians on two wheels. Thanks to the community's generosity, the cause of women bicyclists is now $8,190 richer. 

By Andrea Adleman, Communications Manager