Your Red Sleigh


Meet the Pass Hunter. All that glittering chrome, those hammered fenders, fluted crankarms, that lustrous red paint - a real retro beauty, ain't it? If you're looking for a great bike for the next Seersucker Social, I think you just found it.

Of course, if you're looking for the right bike for your next long ride - like 750 miles long - you just found that as well. Supple steel for a smooth ride, reliable and field serviceable downtube shifters and cantilever brakes, and a Brooks Swift saddle for "just for you" all-day comfort.

Based in Annapolis, Maryland - it makes a great day trip - Velo Orange has long had a devoted following with long distance and adventurous riders (like my buddy Eric), along with folks looking for classic solutions to perennial problems, like "how do I carry an extra sixer on my bike?" I like to think of what they do as "all of the retro, none of the grouch;" sure, their designs are based on the absolute best of 1940s and '50s French engineering, and if you're looking for that last obscure part to restore that vintage frame, they probably have it, but they're rarely retro for retro's sake. Sometimes, somebody else had that problem, came up with a perfectly ingenious solution decades ago, and now VO's the only one making it.

So what's the problem the Pass Hunter solves? Easy: that your ride has to end. Hop on one of these, and no matter how far your horizons might be, what weather may come and luck find you, or what unknown roads you find yourself exploring, you'll make it through ready for more.