Test Rides

We believe you deserve as many choices as possible when considering a new bike, and we want to be a helpful guide in that process. Test riding as many bikes as you want is a great way to find the perfect ride.

We hope you'll take us up on the offer to try any of our bikes: we know you'll find one you love.


A helmet: We have loaner helmets too, although your own will likely be more comfortable since it's already fitted to your noggin.

A photo ID and credit card: We'll collect these before you head out with the bike, and keep them in a safe place for you when you return.

Optional: your old bike. If you're replacing a current bike, you can make a better "apples to apples" comparison between new and old if you ride them back to back, instead of trying to remember how the old one feels.


Shifting and braking: If anything is unclear to you please ask us to explain the shifting and braking mechanisms before you go out. It only takes a minute, and by knowing more about the bike, you'll enjoy the ride more.

Time: Please let us know if you plan to be out for longer than ten minutes. It's perfectly fine with us to go for a longer ride; we just would like to know when to expect you back. If you're gone much longer we'll worry something went wrong.

Nice and Easy: If you want to go on a longer, guided test ride, consider joining our Nice and Easy ride every Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 AM. Please plan to show up 15 minutes early so we can set you up on the bike you'd like to try.