International Winter Bike to Work Day is Feb. 13

International Winter Bike to Work Day is Friday, February 13, 2015. Take two wheels to work and your bicycle commute will add to DC's worldwide stature. 

Now in its third year, this is a grassroots project centered around a friendly competition to count the number of bicycle commuters along a well-travelled street between 8 and 9 am local time. Participating cities and communities choose where to do the count, conduct it using a designated app and upload their numbers to the map. 

In 2014, the winning city was Oulu, Finland, with 387 cyclists. 

To the best of our knowledge, this is DC's first organized participation in the event. Let's roll to win internationally, Washingtonians!

Here's what we're planning.

We'll be positioned on 15th Street NW just south of Massachusetts Avenue. Roll past and be counted!

We'll reward our hearty winter bicycle commuters with coffee and bagels at our shop at 700 5th Street NW. (Reality check: we'll have limited quantities of refreshments.) Other places have lots of snow, so we have an advantage we can exploit to win the world championship. 

Please commit to ride by signing up at so we can increase DC's numbers and send a global message about the strength of the DC bicycling community.

Share our Facebook event to encourage your friends to join Team DC in this "Winter Olympics" of bicycle commuting. See you Friday morning!