Winter accessories sale and gloves report


On our cold, snowy Thursday and Friday this week, we urged our community to think warm thoughts. You must be powerful because it worked. The collective good vibes have warmed the temperature and reassured us spring is coming. 

This means we need to make room on the sales floor for new merchandise and clear out the winter goods. Please take winter hats, caps, gloves and helmet liners off our shelves and into your home. Please take 25% off these items to hasten their departure from our stock.

In summary:

BicycleSPACE Winter Accessories Sale

Take 25% off hats, caps, gloves and helmet liners


You can stop reading here and hop to the shop like the Easter Bunny. Or you can take a moment to review our gloves report that follows. 



Your hands are the farthest forward part of your body on a bike. This means they are first to hit the wind and feel the chill.

Besides just looking cool and keeping your fingers warm, gloves also protect your hands from road vibrations or the road itself. A little bit of padding on the glove can make long rides more comfortable. While we all do our best not to fall, sometimes it happens and you’d rather tear up a glove than the palm of your hand. 

Knit gloves

Perfect for brisk weather, these knit gloves are thin enough to let you dig a phone out of your pocket, but thick enough to take the bite out of the wind. Depending on how good your circulation is, these will keep your fingers toasty down to about 40 degrees. 


Wind stopper


Between 30 and 40 degrees is where a little insulation and wind-proofing makes a huge difference. The Castelli Chiro gloves have some of both. The thin insulation gives you the dexterity to operate shifters and press buttons on your lights.



Lobster-claw gloves are like mittens, except that your pinky and ring fingers go in one space, and pointer and middle in another. These gloves have warmed their way into the hearts of many a cold-weather cyclist since they give you the best of both mittens and gloves. You get the warmth of a mitten and dexterity of a glove.

The Giro 100 Proof gloves have warm insulation and windproof and waterproof treatments. They even feature a little tiny pocket in which you can insert a chemical hand warmer.