Pie ride on Pi Day

Saturday is March 14, a day math nerds cherish as Pi Day (3.14). Not everyone is a math wizard, but everyone eats pie. If you're skilled at math, eating, socializing and/or bicycling, we invite you to our Pi(e) Day celebration.

BicycleSPACE Celebrates Pi(e) Day
Saturday, March 14, 2015
11:30 am
Departing from our shop at 700 5th St NW
Ending with pie at Curbside Cafe, 257 15th St SE

Our regularly scheduled Cupcake Ramble is becoming a pie ride for the day. After a 15-mile ride along this route, we'll end sweetly over pies from our good friend Acme Pie Co.

We'll enjoy them at Curbside Cafe, which has graciously allowed us to bring in the pies. We're deeply grateful that this family-owned small business has opened its doors to us. Curbside Cafe is the same as the pink Curbside Cupcakes food truck you've surely seen around town. This company is a leader in the DMV Food Truck Association and a strong voice in civic affairs. We respect their leadership in the community and appreciate their hospitality to invite us (and our pies) into their neighborhood cafe.

Please plan to buy coffee or lunch to show our appreciation for their kind gesture. (Here's the menu.)

As you ride to the shop, be mindful of possible street closures due to the Rock'n'Roll Marathon. Outwit the closures, plan your route and RSVP below to celebrate pi(e) with BicycleSPACE.