Declare your independence from uphill battles: Ride an e-bike

Declare your independence from sweaty, strenuous uphill climbs. Meet two electrifying members of the BicycleSPACE family. These battery-powered bikes can be your ticket to freedom, allowing you to summit what lies ahead independently, so you can pursue your own definition of happiness.

Powerful and pretty, the Faraday electric bicycle is poetry in motion. Its hidden battery and stunning good looks have revolutionized the concept of the e-bike. The battery is discreetly housed in the downtube, concealing your secret weapon from view. Switch on the pedal assist and ride for 20+ miles. Recharge in a standard wall outlet in three hours. Arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat.

At the reins of the Limited Edition Xtracycle EdgeRunner 9E, you'll be seen as a leader of the American transportation revolution fomenting before our eyes. Goodbye, station wagon. Hello, electric cargo bike. Nine speeds plus one liberating motor will empower you to transport a family and all the cargo your lifestyle demands. 

Test ride these energetic bikes at our Adams Morgan shop this weekend.

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