Bike Trekking Night

Traveling by bike, in your backyard and around the world. Join, Scott (Big Ron) of BicycleSPACE, and the family of Laurie and Chad, as they share their bike touring tips and experiences, on March 18th 7:00pm at BicycleSPACE Adams Morgan

Free event: 

Laurie Ashley and Chad Dear are enthusiastic explorers of places and things near and far including Rock Creek trails, backcountry skiing Central Asia and parenting.  In 2014 they quite their jobs and embarked on a three-month bike tour across Europe with their then 2.5 year old daughter Zoe.  Previously, they wrote the book "Ski Afghanistan: A Backcountry Guide to Bamyan &. Band-e-Amir.”  They love mountains, work in international development and can often be found searching for lost socks and hats belonging to one of their two daughters.

Scott (Big Ron) has been camping and cycling his entire life. His transformation from Scott to Big Ron began in 2006 when he completed a southbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, in a year when less than 30 people completed the trail southbound. In 2009, he rode the Trans-America Trail rather than become a slave to the man and get a job. Last summer, he completed possibly the first, solo, unsupported thru ride of the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, a 450-500 mile route through the GW and Jefferson National Forests. Big Ron generally prefers to travel light, rarely prepares properly, and generally forgets some vital piece of equipment. 

Check out Big Ron's ride on Virginia Mountain Bike Trail