Put your bike on pedestal

We catch up with our Sales Associate, Steven Brown, on his new Space Horse for a ride in the Arboretum.

"Picking a new bike is not just comparing features. You are drawn to a particularly style and brand because of their values." After meeting Jeff and the All-City crew, Steven knew this was a company he could respect. "Not just happy with the bike the ride, I want to be proud of the bike I ride."

Steven got into riding bikes as an adult in Cambridge, as a practical way to get from A to B. Soon he discovered just how fun riding was, and he started riding faster and farther, joining a local club and doing some races. While racing wasn't his passion, he knew that riding bikes was going to be a lifelong love.

The Arboretum is a favorite oasis of ours. "I like to ride for pleasure more than commuting. I have a busy schedule between two jobs and grad school. Because I don’t own a car a lot of the destinations out of the city are not that accessible. I love the Arboretum because it's right here in the city. You have the whole place to yourself. Hardly any cars, it's got hills, turns, and beautiful views. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of time its a great way to go knock out 20-30 miles. 

"Functionally, I wanted a bike for commuting and light touring with the flexibility for bigger tires, racks and fenders, but still speedy and stable. I wanted a bike to last for next 10 - 15 years and could adapt to other interests. I could put a 1x on it or flat handlebars. Above all I was driven by the story of All-City. I admire the brand and their attention to detail. Born in Minneapolis, All-City makes bikes for people who appreciate bikes."

Steven wants you to get a bike that excites you, for him it's a Space Horse. "Even if your only going two miles, those two miles should be fun. You don't have to settle for good enough, get something fun." The more you like your bike, the more time you'll spend on it and the more you will appreciate the joy it can bring.