Huma's road to commuting

Huma hadn’t ridden a bike since she was seven. Bike commuting was not part of everyday life for women in Pakistan. After moving to DC and making friends in the area she was interested in riding again. In early 2012 she took an adult riding class through WABA and left feeling confident to get out riding on her own. Soon she discovered how fun and convenient riding in the city is by using Capital Bikeshare. In 2014 she got her own bike and began riding everyday!

In addition to the fun factor, bikes help Huma reach parts of the city that aren’t easily accessed with public transit. Being in Bloomingdale, the G8 was a common source of frustration and the Bikeshare station was all too popular, she would often arrive to empty racks. Now with her own bike the city is at her fingertips.

Huma seeks out bikes whe she travels, recently riding in Vancouver, San Francisco, London and Istanbul. Huma is grateful for having bikes in her life and hopes life for bike commuters here in DC will only improve. Given the recent SafeTrack work, Huma hopes more attention can be focused to maintaining and expanding bike infrastructure. Follow Huma's life as commuter @humaimtiaz

What's been your road to commuting? How do bikes enrich your life? Let us know in the comments.