Handsome Origins

Come join Handsome Cycles co-founder Jesse Erickson at the shop, Thursday November 5th to have a drink and check out the latest from one of our favorite bike makers.

"Ride like you're from Minneapolis" is more than a t-shirt, it's a frame of mind. Jesse was born into bikes: he grew up in his father's Minneapolis based bike shop. He and his co-founder Ben Morrison were inspired by classic steel bikes like the legendary Bridgestone XO-1. One of our favorite things about bikes like the Handsome Devil, pictured above, is that you get a versatile bike in clean package. Set it up as a commuter, a light tourer, single speed, 1x8, internal nexus, cyclocross bike... you name it, a Handsome can do it all with style. It's a well thought out bike designed by bike shop veterans, with everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Best of all, now through the end of the year, every purchase of a Handsome bike gets you a cool $100 towards any accessories in the shop. Heck, if you get one while Jesse is here, he'll buy you a beer, you handsome devil.

Photos by Francis Tatem

Words by Kevin Sundeen