Artcrank Artist Profile: Annie Riker

Artcrank comes to DC this Saturday. Today we meet local artist Annie Riker. 

"I've considered myself an artist ever since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush. I went to an art college (Ringling College of Art and Design), and chose Graphic Design as a major. I decided design would let me incorporate all of my artistic interests (illustration, photography, painting...), and allow me to regularly use the "problem solving" side of my brain. It has worked out well!" 


"I'm brand new to screen printing. I had been wanting to try it for awhile, so the ARTCRANK project gave me the nudge to take a lesson and print my posters myself. I have an even greater appreciation for screen printers now—it's quite a bit of work to get everything set up!"

"I like to be outside, so it's nice to start the day on my bike. I get a bit of a zen feeling from it. I even like to ride in the rain and cold weather (I'll draw the line at slushy snow, though...). 

[The City] offers a great balance for me—good energy, diversity in activities and people, with plenty of parks and green space for me to reflect. Plus, I work for an organization with a mission I care deeply about, and it's inspiring to be surrounded by my passionate coworkers with similar values. "

Connect with Annie:  twitter - @AnnieRiker  instagram - TeaTimePhoto