Artcrank Artist Profile: Dana Maier

ARTCRANK, the poster party for bike people comes to DC November 8th. Leading up to the show we chat with local artists about their work and riding in D.C. 

Meet Dana Maier a Columbia Heights based artist. 

"I use Bikeshare to ride to the Metro, the gym, run errands, meet's rare that I don't use it at least once a day. Biking in DC is one of my favorite things to do, particularly in the autumn. " 

Dana has been working in D.C. for six years. "My drawings tend to start observationally, so I'm always incorporating the stuff I see in the city into my work. Also, I am more of a classic DC Type A personality than I feel comfortable admitting."

Dana's preferred medium is pen and ink. She sketches her piece titled "The Bikerack," which will be screenprinted as a poster for next weeks show. "I learned (or relearned, rather) that it's always best to draw from what's right in front of you, rather than try to draw from something you see in a book or on a screen. " 

Connect with Dana via and @danajerimaier on twitter and instagram.