Brompton World Championship USA 2015

Richmond 15.jpg

Hey folks, the Brompton World Championships are once again happening, this time  right here in nearby Richmond VA!

What is the Brompton World Championship?  It’s a jolly good time, of course!  Racers run to their folded bikes in a Le Mans style start, then unfold and complete a 10 mile course, all the while dressed in a suit jacket, collared shirt, and neck tie.  Prizes are given for a variety of categories, including best dressed.  More details are available here:

Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Photo by Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Get on the Bus!

This year, there is a Brompton Bus coming from New York to Washington DC and then going straight to Richmond, VA.  The bus will stop by our Adams Morgan shop at 2424 18th St NW at 11.00 am this Friday, pick up passengers, and then head to Richmond.

Brompton has been so good to us here in Washington DC, and we want to return the favor.  We are looking for volunteers to join in and help enable all the fun that is to be had, and volunteers will get a free trip and free food and drinks in the Brompton VIP tent, and a free collectable T-shirt, as well as our eternal thanks and high esteem.

This is your chance to bask in the brilliance of a bus full of Bromptonauts, if you can imagine such a thing!  To volunteer, please write to us at, and to participate in the race, please click here: