Layer Up

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Becky's first bike shop job was at the Downtube in Albany, NY. Winter riding is somer of her favorite. You get the trails to yourself, it's quiet and serene. And you can do so while being quite comfortable. It's all about managing your own heat and the wind, while staying dry. Unlike hiking or running, you're generating a lot of wind resistance on a bike and it's easy for your heat to blow away. A wind resistant outer shell is the ideal outer layer. However you also want breathable materials that dry easily. Becky loves using merino layers because they are warm, don't hold moisture and stay clean longer. Gloves that allow full movement and relieve pressure points make sure the blood keeps flowing and you stay warm. 

Endura Luminite Jacket and Tights

endura Baabaa Multitube, Baselayer, and Strike Glove