Bicycle Trash

Topaz is the child of carpenter and she's worked on sets as a stage hand for theaters. However it wasn't until recently that she considered building things out of bike parts. Topaz was commuting from SW and came to talk to Neil about a tune-up. Neil fixed her up, offered her old parts and an idea was born. Topaz turned her old cassette into holiday ornaments, gear flakes. 

Topaz has always been interested in saving resources and repurposing things. Her ornaments took off and she began collecting all the bicycle trash she could from our shops. We're couldn't be happier to see old cassettes, chains, and tubes live on. Today Topaz has a studio in Tacoma Park and is able to crank out all the Bicycle Trash she can dream up! Come by and check out these awesome one-of-kind Made-in-DC gifts.