What's an Alley Cat?

An Alley Cat is part bike race, part scavenger hunt, that rewards a mix of strategy and speed. Alley Cats grew hand-in-hand with bike courier culture. Couriers pride themselves on their navigational skills, and ability to find the fastest routes from A to B. 

As Alley Cats have grown they’ve attracted messengers and non-messengers alike. We’ve been proud to sponsor women’s Alley Cats every March, events like Sadie Hawkins Alley Cat  and 19th Amendment Alley Cat on International Women's Day. These events support local advocacy groups and non-profits. 

This year, Rolling Resistance Alley Cat will take place on March 18th at Malcom X Park, to benefit HIPS

Rolling Resistance is a Women/Trans/Femme event and encourages cis male allies to volunteer and host checkpoints. Events usually begin with a manifest, or a list of checkpoints, where you devise your own route to get the most checkpoints in the fastest time. 

The event is open to all experiences levels. At their heart, Alley Cats are all about fun and exploring the city. They can be as hard or as easy as you want them to be. Thinking about your first Alley Cat? This a great way to meet new people and find new places to ride. 

Bring a map (like the free DC bike maps we have a the shop!), marker/pen, lock, bag, and sense of adventure. You could win prizes from our shop and other awesome bike groups and brands! Past events include checkpoints that celebrate significant locations and milestones that coincide with Women's History Month.