In: Cherry blossom pink

With the National Cherry Blossom Festival underway now, D.C. is blooming in everything pink. We've caught blossom fever and want to afflict you with this desirable condition.

If we "ah-choo," might you ...

Accessorize your ride with a pink helmet or gloves from our special seasonal collection.


Go matchy-matchy with the glorious Bike in Bloom, a single pink bike in the Capital Bikeshare fleet. Ride it wearing a pink helmet and gloves to show your pink side with pride.

Freshen your home or office with "Bicycle Bloom" by local artist Annie Riker. 

Take the pink plunge to buy the folding bicycle you've always wanted. The exceptional craftsmanship of a Brompton Bicycle in pink is the perfect match for the season.

Happy Cherry Blossom Festival, friends. May the pink be with you.