Top 10 ways to catch the BicycleSPACE cherry blossom spirit

  1. View our cherry blossom window display and think pink.
  2. Add something pink to your bicycling wardrobe. We suggest a pink helmet and/or gloves. Shop our limited selection of pink accessories for cherry blossom season.
  3. Show your Capital Bikeshare key fob for 10% off all helmets and gloves. Spread the word about this well-kept secret discount. Get something pink -- or any color -- for less green.
  4. Obsess about the bikeshare Bike in Bloom. Find the one and only pinkified bikeshare, post a photo tagged with #BikeinBloom and win great prizes such as pink gloves or a gift card from BicycleSPACE.
  5. Join our bikeshare friends of BicycleSPACE mailing list. A blossom pink sign-up sheet is in our shop near the cash register. Or just click here to loop in.
  6. Further obsess over the Bike in Bloom. Check #BikeinBloom on social media several times a day (or hour). Read this madcap adventure involving our friends Brian (the inimitable Sharrows blogger and City Paper "Gear Prudence" columnist), our Twitter follower Corey, his dog Maizey Pumpkin, spunky Anna from Black Women Bike D.C. and Andrea, our communications director.
  7. Did we mention to buy something pink? If accessories don't adequately express your passion for pink, you could buy a stunning pink Brompton folding bicycle. The cherry blossoms will smile approvingly at your fashion sense. You'll also thrill our friend Lesly, goddess of the hot pink bike.
  8. Brighten your cubicle with a charming blossom print by local artist Annie Riker. Buy one in our shop before they're gone.
  9. Smile when you see a blossom decal on a bikeshare.
  10. Mark your calendars for the weekend of April 11-12, when our rides will visit the beautiful blossoms at peak bloom.